Nightmare Disorder

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Nightmare Disorder

Experiencing frequent nightmares? Nightmare Disorder can disrupt your sleep, leaving you feeling anxious and unsettled. Do you experience:

If you’re struggling with these symptoms, know that support is available. We’re here to provide guidance and assistance to help you overcome Nightmare Disorder and achieve restful sleep.

Nightmare Disorder

What is Nightmare Disorder?

Nightmare Disorder is a condition where individuals experience frequent and distressing nightmares, often causing significant disruption to their sleep and leaving them feeling overwhelmed upon waking. These vivid and frightening dreams can evoke intense emotions like fear and anxiety, making it challenging to find comfort and rest. It’s important to acknowledge the distress that nightmares can cause and to seek compassionate support and guidance to navigate through this difficult experience with kindness and understanding.

Nightmare Disorder

How is Nightmare Disorder Different From a Normal Nightmare?

Normal Nightmare

It's common to experience nightmares from time to time, often triggered by stress, anxiety, or certain events.

The intensity of a normal nightmare usually aligns with external factors and tends to diminish once you wake up.

You can typically manage the fear or unease caused by a normal nightmare through techniques like calming yourself down or seeking comfort.

Normal nightmares are temporary and often fade from memory as you wake up and go about your day.

Nightmare Disorder

Nightmare disorder involves recurrent and distressing nightmares that disrupt your sleep and cause significant distress.

The intensity and frequency of nightmares in nightmare disorder can be disproportionate to any specific stressor or event, lingering even after you wake up.

Nightmare disorder can severely impact your quality of sleep, leading to fatigue, daytime distress, and difficulties functioning in daily life.

Nightmare disorder is a long-term condition that may require professional intervention and ongoing management to alleviate symptoms and improve sleep quality.

Nightmare Disorder

Symptoms of Nightmare Disorder

Experiencing symptoms of Nightmare Disorder can be incredibly distressing and disruptive to your daily life. You may notice:

  • Frequent and distressing nightmares that disrupt your sleep
  • Intense fear or anxiety during and after nightmares
  • Difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep due to fear of experiencing nightmares
  • Fatigue and exhaustion from disrupted sleep
  • Daytime irritability, mood changes, or difficulty concentrating
  • Increased worry or anxiety about the impact of nightmares on your sleep and well-being


These symptoms can leave you feeling overwhelmed and exhausted, impacting your mood, energy levels, and overall quality of life.

Nightmare Disorder

Causes of Nightmare Disorder

Nightmare Disorder can stem from various factors, often intertwining to trigger distressing dreams and disrupt your sleep.

Traumatic experiences

Past trauma or stressful life events may contribute to the development of nightmare disorder, as the brain processes and tries to make sense of unresolved emotions during sleep.

Mental health conditions

Underlying anxiety, depression, or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) can exacerbate symptoms, leading to more frequent and intense nightmares.

Sleep disorders

Other sleep disorders, such as sleep apnea or restless legs syndrome, can disrupt sleep cycles and increase the likelihood of experiencing nightmares.

Family history

Research suggests that nightmare disorder may have a genetic component, with a higher likelihood of developing the condition if you have a family history of it.

Nightmare Disorder

Do You Need To Get Help For Nightmare Disorder?

If you’re grappling with persistent nightmares that disrupt your sleep and leave you feeling distressed, seeking professional help can offer valuable support and guidance.

This becomes especially important when self-help strategies don’t provide relief, and you find yourself struggling with nightmares frequently for an extended period.

If worries about another restless night start to weigh heavily on your mind, reaching out for assistance is a proactive step toward improving your sleep and overall well-being.

Nightmare Disorder

Nightmare Disorder Treatment Options with Dr SH Wong

Our goal is to enhance your sleep quality, improve your daytime functioning, and foster your overall well-being. We aim to address any underlying factors contributing to your sleep disturbances, including other medical conditions, while helping you establish healthy sleep habits and reduce reliance on medications.

Medical Interventions

Medications may be prescribed to regulate sleep and reduce the frequency and intensity of nightmares or manage mental health issues.

Medical Interventions

Medications may be prescribed to regulate sleep and reduce the frequency and intensity of nightmares or manage mental health issues.


Sessions with a trained mental health professional can provide support and coping strategies for managing stressors contributing to nightmare disorder.


Sessions with a trained mental health professional can provide support and coping strategies for managing stressors contributing to nightmare disorder.
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Your Guided Journey with Dr SH Wong

  • Make an Appointment

    Our staff will assist you with making your first appointment with Dr Wong.

  • First Session

    We'll lead you through medical assessments, including a sleep study in some cases, and delve into your medical and personal background during a relaxed conversation with Dr. Wong.

  • Follow-up Sessions

    We'll centre our discussions on exploring lifestyle influences, engaging in therapeutic dialogues, and considering any required medications to aid you on your path to better sleep.

Sleep Specialist & Psychiatrist

Dr SH Wong: Sleep Specialist for Nightmare Disorder Treatment in Singapore

Dr. Sheau Hwa Wong, a seasoned sleep specialist with over two decades of expertise, brings a compassionate approach to treating sleep disorders. Recognised for his empathetic demeanour, Dr. Wong is committed to providing holistic psychiatric care, tailored to each patient’s individual needs. Through his unwavering dedication, he empowers individuals to overcome sleep challenges and achieve a restful and fulfilling life.


Questions You May Have

Firstly, we'll conduct a detailed clinical interview to understand your personal and medical history. This allows us to gain insight into your specific symptoms and experiences. Additionally, we may recommend medical tests to rule out any other potential underlying medical conditions, such as seizures or other sleep disorders. Our goal is to provide you with a comprehensive assessment to accurately diagnose and address your nightmare disorder, ensuring that you receive the care and support you need.

The journey to improvement is unique for each person, and it's important to approach it with compassion and patience. For some, relief may come quickly, while for others, it may take more time and perseverance. Regardless of the timeline, know that you're not alone, and we're here to support you every step of the way on your path to finding peace from your nightmare symptoms.

While each person's response to medication is unique, some possible side effects may include drowsiness, dizziness, nausea, or changes in mood. It's important to discuss any concerns or experiences with your healthcare provider openly. They can provide guidance, support, and adjustments to ensure your treatment plan aligns with your needs and promotes your overall well-being.

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