Sleep Disorders


Sleep Disorders

Struggling with sleep issues can be an overwhelming journey, affecting your health, moods and well-being. Together, you will learn to manage these challenges and regain peaceful nights in a compassionate environment that supports your best interests.


Sleep Irregularities

You find yourself struggling through restless nights marked by difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep. The persistent tossing and turning, the anxiety, and the fatigue that lingers throughout the day can disrupt not only your sleep but also your overall well-being and daily functioning.

You might find yourself acting out vivid and intense dreams during your sleep, potentially leading to disruptive or even dangerous movements. RBD can extend beyond just the typical sleep disturbances, potentially causing injury to yourself or your bed partner.

You may experience a disarrayed sleep-wake cycle that results in difficulties falling asleep when needed or staying awake when necessary. These disturbances, often marked by sleeplessness and fatigue, can extend beyond your sleep patterns, affecting your daily routines and well-being.

You may experience involuntary limb movements that significantly disrupt your sleep and overall sleep quality. PLMD extends beyond the common sleep disturbances, often causing unrefreshing sleep and daytime fatigue.

You may find yourself trapped in a cycle of recurring and distressing nightmares that greatly disrupt your sleep. These vivid and unsettling dreams often extend their impact to affect your sleep quality and emotional well-being.

You may be confronted with an uncomfortable urge to move your legs, especially at bedtime. These uncomfortable sensations can hinder your ability to relax and make it hard to fall asleep.


Treatment Options We’ll Discuss Together

Sleep Study

Sleep Study





Your treatment plans will be tailored to address your unique needs through a combination of a comprehensive sleep study, medication and various types of psychotherapy. If you have any questions or concerns on your treatment plan, our sleep specialist is here to answer them.

What To Expect

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Your personal journey remains confidential and secured within our sessions.

Guided Support

Your progress is constantly monitored and adjustments are considered for your best interest.

Comfort and Trust

A supportive environment with experienced professionals for your journey to restful sleep.

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